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Because of weed’s medical properties, breeders and growers have started creating new strains of cannabis that are high in cannabidiol.

One of the most famous is called “Charlotte’s Web.” This strain was designed specifically for children with epilepsy. Similarly, a cannabis company in Minnesota created a strain called Katelyn Faith. This strain is supposed to be one of the most CBD-rich strains in the world.

Like Charlotte’s Web, it was designed to be medicine for young people, especially children with epilepsy. These strains are ideal for treating not only kids, but anybody who’s trying to access the medical side of cannabis without getting high.

There are tons of other CBD-rich strains besides these two. Some of the most well-known include:

  • Harlequin: This sativa-dominant strain consistently produces buds with a 5:2 ratio of CBD/THC.
  • Critical Mass: This strain is interesting. While it typically has high levels of CBD, it also produces a heavy dose of THC. Critical Mass is a good choice for patients who are also looking for a high.
  • ACDC: This hybrid strain packs a punch when it comes cannabidiol levels. Buds have been tested with as much as 19 percent CBD.
  • Cannatonic: This strain sometimes produces an even 1:1 ratio of CBD/THC. Other plants are much heavier on the CBD side, producing buds with as much as five times more cannabidiol than THC.

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